Al Yunk’s Power Hour — Jan ’09

Posted on 05 February 2009

Power hour extraordinaire Al Yunk made this excellent power hour to ring in 2009! This is truly a medley of different media sources — sketch comedy, new music videos, vintage TV and film scenes, broadway plays and more. And all of the clips have one thing in common: they’re awesome.

Compiled by: Al Yunk
Original Source:
Date: January 2009

Categorized | Mixed Media

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  1. Pete Berg Says:

    The first power hour of 2009? I think so! Thanks, Al!

  2. Fill Gerdhert Says:

    thanks for the thank you at the end, faggot.

  3. Alexia Rasmussen Says:

    Grand story, Just to let you know that I got a hyperlink to your weblog from Christian Dillstrom – the mobile and social media marketing wizard – so you must be doing a sweet job?

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