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Family Guy Season 1 and 2 Power Hour

Posted on 14 February 2009 by Pete Berg

Unlike our first Family Guy Power Hour, this one is PURE Family Guy. Bpops has taken the best clips from seasons 1 and 2 and cut 60 minutes of them back-to-back. This is one hilarious power hour!

A lot of the scenes don’t last a full minute, so sometimes you’ll get 3 or 4 short scenes back-to-back. Just drink whenever you see the logo screen.

Compiled by: Bpops Productions
Original Source: Bit Torrent
Date: November, 2005

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DickiePickles81 Power Hour

Posted on 05 February 2009 by Pete Berg

Power hour of music videos, web clips, movie clips and more. It uses hilarious Family Guy “Ollie Williams” and Simpsons clips as transitions. Poorly edited, though.

This video is broken up into 12 segments, which will play back-to-back in the YouTube player above.

Compiled by: DickiePickles81
Original Source: YouTube
Date: October 2008

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Family Guy Power Hour

Posted on 05 February 2009 by Pete Berg

“Just your standard, run of the mill, sweet ass, video power hour. Drink whenever you see a Family Guy clip.”

This power hour is a combination of music videos (mostly rap and hip hop) and FAMILY GUY. The interludes between the music videos are short Family Guy clips, usually just 5 – 10 seconds, of the best moments the comedy show has to offer. It makes for a great drinking experience!

Compiled by: Bill Brass
Original Source: Vimeo
Date: October, 2007

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