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TV Theme Song Power Hour #3

Posted on 26 March 2010

In as many months, Vol. 3 of the TV Theme Song power hour collection is here. This one packs sixty-six TV openings into 60 minutes, making it the most intense one yet. With 6 extra shots, can you keep up? Continue Reading

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Mixed Media

UCONN Power Hour V

Posted on 12 March 2010

The fifth power hour made by Linkin from UCONN. It features a variety of clips (mostly hilarious comedy bits from TV, movies and web videos). Prepare to laugh and get drunk. Continue Reading

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Mixed Media

Drink Up Orlando #4

Posted on 01 March 2010

The fourth power hour compilation from Drink Up Orlando, the king of Florida's drinking scene. This one combines recent viral videos with other popular clips, for the ultimate March 2010 drinking experience. Continue Reading

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