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Minutemen Power Hour 2004

Posted on 08 May 2010 by Pete Berg

From 2004, this power hour was created by Mike Thomas at UMass. It’s mostly an eclectic pop music power hour with a big graphical counter, but it also has some music videos / other video clips, and an interactive component: “12 Bonus Rounds, 3 Make-A-Rules.” Drink to one of the earlier power hours out there, and enjoy music from the ’60s – ’00s!

Compiled by: Mike Thomas / mtTV
Original Source: mikethomastv.com / Vimeo
Date: 2004

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Some Slideshow & Audio-Only Power Hours

Posted on 05 February 2009 by Pete Berg

This is a site for video power hours, but I’ve found a few that stretch the term. They’re technically “videos,” but are closer to slideshows. …But they are still enjoyable to drink to!


Beatles Power Hour

An hour’s worth of Beatles music, with album art for every song. Great if you’re a Beatles fan (who isn’t?) Source


Mostly Hip Hop Power Hour

This power hour is mostly hip hop, as the name implies, and has a slideshow of drinking-related still images. Source


Penn State Power Hour 2008

This is truly an music-only power hour, save for a picture of the Penn State Football Stadium, which is displayed through the entire mix. Source


Maryland Power Hour

Binge drinkers in Maryland brought us this music power hour with a slideshow. Looks like a lot of party pictures from a particular group of friends, but if you’re running low on new power hours to do, this one’s always an option. Source

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Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour – 60 Original One-Minute Songs

Posted on 04 February 2009 by Pete Berg

“This is 60 songs about drinking. And they’re all one minute long. Please binge responsibly.”

Ali Spagnola wrote 60 one-minute songs about drinking and made it into a power hour! She clearly loves you (and not your liver). They’re in a variety of different genres, and some of them are hilarious. Ali is selling her power hour as a DVD, as well as various merchandise — check out her website.

The YouTube player above has a playlist of all 60 songs so you can watch them back-to-back!

Created by: Ali Spagnola
Original Source: The Power Hour Album / YouTube
Date: September 2008

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