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Metal Hour of Power

Posted on 20 April 2009 by Pete Berg

A power hour for all you headbangers out there! Pstucks has compiled sixty metal music videos spanning all the Metal subgenres (Heavy, Dark, Power, etc.). “Keep it HEAVY.”

Created by: Pstucks
Original Source: Viddler
Date: April 2009

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Action Hour of Power

Posted on 08 April 2009 by Pete Berg

Sixty hard-hitting, guns-blazing, testosterone-pumping clips from action movies! Oh, and it includes transitions made up entirely of Chuck Norris clips — who, as you know, is the most badass man of all time. The manliest power hour on this entire website.

Created by: Pstucks
Original Source: Viddler
Date: April 2009

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Comedy Hour of Power

Posted on 25 February 2009 by Pete Berg

A movie power hour made up exclusively of comedy scenes, and using short scenes from “Beer Fest” for transitions. Drink to some of the funniest moments in movie history!

From the creator: “Rules:

1. As soon as the rules flash off, Shotgun a beer. (Optional)

2. Every time you see a clip of Beer Fest, take a shot of beer. (Not optional)
(Hint: They are after every single one minute movie clip and say “drink” underneath them.)

3. Make me proud.


Compiled by: Pstucks
Original Source: YouTube
Date: January, 2009


Movies in the power hour

1. Beer Fest (Cut Scenes)
2. Old School
3. Ace Ventura
4. Van Wilder
5. Knocked Up
6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
7. Talladega Nights
8. Airplane
9. Dumb and Dumber
10. Anchorman
11. Wedding Crashers
12. Animal House
13. Blazing Saddles
14. History of the World Part One
15. 40 Year Old Virgin
16. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
17. Joe Dirt
18. A Night At The Roxbury
19. Dazed and Confused
20. Duck Soup
21. Life of Brian
22. Semi Pro
23. Team America World Police
24. Dude Where’s My Car
25. Elf
26. Robin Hood and The Men In Tights
27. Wet Hot American Summer
28. Boat Trip
29. Borat (With Beer Beer by Korpiklaani)
30. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
31. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
32. The Big Lebowski
33. Meet The Parents
34. Dodgeball
35. American Pie
36. Blues Brothers
37. Home Alone
38. Step Brothers
39. Wayne’s World
40. Groundhog Day
41. Dr. Strangelove
42. Caddy Shack
43. Waiting
44. Office Space
45. Pineapple Express
46. Mean Girls
47. Happy Gilmore
48. Sean of The Dead
49. Kentucky Friend Movie
50. Super Troopers
51. Monty Python’s: The Meaning of Life
52. Spaceballs
53. There’s Something About Mary
54. Rat Race
55. Shoot ’em Up
56. This is Spinal tap
57. Zoolander
58. Hancock
59. Superbad
60. Billy Madison

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