Questions about the Power Hour game

What is a power hour?

A power hour is a drinking game where players drink a shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes. This typically adds up to around six cans of beer. Everyone who makes it to the end without quitting or missing a shot is a winner!


So what’s a video power hour?

A video power hour is an hour long video compilation of one-minute clips. Every time the video changes, drink!


How did the video power hour come about?

Back in the stone age, people did power hours by sitting next to a clock and drinking every time a minute passed.

Then the mix tape was invented, and some genius binge drinker figured out that power hours were way more fun if they were accompanied by music. They made a mix tape (or mix CD) of 60 one-minute song clips to drink to. Every time the song changed, it was drinking time.

Then, in the video age, an even smarter genius realized that the power hour could take on video form. The video power hour was born.


What’s a Centurion / Century Club?

A Centurion or (“The Century Club”) is a power hour that’s 100 minutes long, or 40 minutes longer than a normal power hour. Instead of drinking 6 beers, you will drink ten.

(Alternatively, Century Club can also refer to an extended drinking challenge in which the goal is to drink 100 beers in under 72 hours.)


What other power hour variations are there?

Some other versions of the power hour (some of this taken from Wikipedia:

  • An Elite Centurion lasts 150 minutes.
  • A Super-Power Half-Hour, which is a shot every 30 seconds for 30 minutes.
  • The Blitzkrieg (or Blitzedkrieg) is another power half hour. “The first song of the game has one second removed, making it 59 total seconds. The next song has 58 seconds, then 57 seconds, and so on until the final song is only 1 second long. The standard Power Hour will be completed in approximately 1/2 hour. There are multiple benefits to this style of play. First, as with all condensed Power Hours, beer is consumed faster. Secondly, the ability to choose songs that may only have a few seconds that are worth listening to can be used in Blitzkrieg. One downside of the Blitzkrieg is the need for either multiple shot glasses, or a dedicated pourer, since the last few “minutes” are quick.”
  • In an Atomic Power Hour, “each tenth shot is augmented by a shot of tequila or another liquor.” If you do an “Atomic Century” (100 minutes), I’m told that this level of alcohol consumption is above the LD50 for humans and potentially fatal.
  • A Discussion Power Hour is something some friends and I created (we should come up with a better name for it…), where you have 60 one-minute conversations about random topics. Each person writes down several “topics of discussion” on scraps paper (enough so that there are 60+) and puts them into a hat. During the power hour, each minute begins with a player reaching into the hat, reading the discussion topic aloud, and starting a group conversation about it. Every minute, the next player starts a new discussion.



Questions about Power Hour HQ


What is Power Hour HQ?

Power Hour HQ is an online collection of video power hours. We collect power hours we find on the Internet, power hours our friends make, and submitted power hours, and put them in one easy-to-find place.


Cool, so how can I watch the power hours?

Every power hour here is available to watch online in a streaming player.

Some of them are available for download in other formats, such as DVDs (via bit torrent) and direct download of video files. Eventually, we hope to provide downloadable versions of all the power hours here.


I made a power hour. Can I submit it to this website?

Yes, absolutely! Just email me at pete@powerhourhq.com. We’ll be glad to host your power hour online, and will help you with any technical questions you may have.


A lot of these power hours have copyrighted in material in them. What happens if YouTube takes them down?

This is true. Almost every power hour on this site includes some portion of copyrighted content. And that makes power hours a huge target on video sharing sites. I can’t count the number of great power hours that have been removed for copyright issues — or the large number of power hours that are partially incomplete because certain sections have been removed. (This is very frustrating for all of us. You would love to drink to them, and I would love to have them on this site!)

Anyway, I have backed up every power hour on this website in the highest available quality. If any of them gets taken town, let us know. We will put them back up somewhere else! (Please shoot me an email if you find that any of the videos have been removed.)


Do you support binge drinking?

Um… obviously. What do you think this site is about?

We don’t, however, support breaking the law. Power Hour HQ urges you to DRINK RESPONSIBLY, and we oppose drinking and driving, underage drinking, and any other alcohol-related crime you might commit.

Power Hour HQ urges you to know your limits and not exceed them. Power Hour HQ take no responsibility for any harm to yourself or your property as a result of doing one of these power hours!


…more FAQs coming soon!