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Christmas 2011 Power Hour

Posted on 01 December 2011 by Pete Berg

Christmas 2011 Video Power Hour from Kristina Nette on Vimeo.

Hang up the mistletoe and ring in the holiday spirit with this Christmas power hour! Features a great mix of Christmas jingles and upbeat pop hits from the past few years. (One of the problems with seasonal power hours is they tend to get a bit… uh… repetitive, so it’s nice that only about 1/3 of this is about Christmas.) It’s also one of the only power hours on this site compiled by a female, so it has a nice feminine sensibility to it.

Compiled by: Kristina Nette
Original Source: Vimeo
Download Link: Kristina_Nette_-_Christmas_2011_Power_Hour.mp4
Date: November 2011

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Christmas Power Hour (Superman C)

Posted on 21 December 2009 by Pete Berg

Grab your glass of egg nog, pull on your holiday sweater, stand under the mistletoe and drink to this Christmas power hour of sixty of your favorite Christmas clips!

Compiled by: Superman C
Original Source: Viddler
Date: December 2009

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Christmas Power Hour (BSaa)

Posted on 20 December 2009 by Pete Berg

JW Player goes here

“Christmastime is here… Happiness and beer! ” Ring in the holiday season with a power hour that’s are sure to put you in the Christmas spirit.

Compiled by: BSaa
Original Source: Vimeo
Download: BSaa_-_Christmas_Power_Hour.mp4
Date: December 2009

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