The Office: Power Hour

Posted on 30 July 2010

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A power hour made up of clips from TV’s greatest workplace comedy, The Office! Drink to sixty clips of Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, Creed and everyone else from the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company’s dysfunctional Scranton branch.

Compiled by: Creighton /
Original Source: Viddler
Download Link: Creighton_-_The_Office_Power_Hour.mp4
Date: June 2010

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  1. Creighton Says:

    This and all of my power hours can be downloaded in AVI format at my website:

  2. Haley Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this….

    just made my drinking so much happier <3

  3. Creighton Says:

    Viddler just kicked me out…gotta fix this site, and my video uploads.

  4. asdfasdf Says:

    What the fuck. It says this video is forbidden and private. Fuck this site. Niggers.

  5. Creighton Says:

    Read the previous comments asdfasdf…

  6. Pete Berg Says:

    This video has been restored from my backup. Sorry for the downtime!

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