Drink Up Orlando #4

Posted on 01 March 2010

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The fourth power hour compilation from Drink Up Orlando, the king of Florida’s drinking scene. This one combines recent viral videos with other popular clips, for the ultimate March 2010 drinking experience.

Compiled by: Drink Up Orlando
Original Source: Vimeo / Drink Up Orlando
Download: Drink_Up_Orlando_4.mp4
Date: March 2010

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  1. pennsyltucky Says:

    done a million of these throughout college and til this day, and you sir make the best and most power hour mixes of all time. good lookin


    the milshners

  2. DrinkUpOrlando Says:

    Hey Milshner!

    Glad you liked it! The key is to not rush the process. yeah other guys add the first thing they come across. I try to release them as soon as I found the best clips out there at the time.

    Keep Watching!

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