P30X – Half of a Power Hour, Quarter of the Time

Posted on 27 April 2010

Drink half a power hour in a quarter of the time!

“The P30X, which is thirty 30-second clips in 15 minutes, which is more or less just a really quick pregame if you’re going to the bar and want to get in 4 drinks real quick. It was made by TheFonz, but is part of the UCONN compilation of power hours.”

Compiled by: TheFonz / D14 Brew Crew
Original Source: Viddler
Date: March 2010

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  1. Weezy Says:

    First off, I’ve had it up to here (mental picture of me pointing to an area around my head) with this faggotry. We need to have a serious negotiation on who we have to threaten to make this video publicly available. This frozen out and cancelling viddler access is goddam embarrassing, get your shit together now… or like isla fisher in wedding crashers “we’ll FIND YOU”

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