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University of Georgia: Touché Alcohol 2012

Posted on 02 October 2012 by Pete Berg

Power Hour “Touche Alcohol” 2012 from David Lee on Vimeo.

Music video power hour with country, pop and hip hop hits from 2009 – 2011. Great mix that’s heavy on country — it has that Southern flare, because this was made down south by a guy at the University of Georgia. Touché, alcohol, touché.

Here’s the description from the creator: “I just made a great new power hour with all the popular music (multiple genres) from 2009 – 2011, and included a few shout outs to the University of Georgia (recently ranked #1 in best post game party school in the nation…again). It’s really good quality and a very smooth edit. Check it out. I would love it on powerhourhq, we love your site.”

Compiled by: David Lee @ the University of Georgia
Original Source: Vimeo
Download Link: University_of_Georgia_-_Touche_Alcohol_2012.mp4
Date: December, 2011

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Country Music Power Hour

Posted on 14 February 2009 by Pete Berg

Country music power hour! Whether you love country, or just love it ironically, this is one great mix of the music of the south and west of America. You’ll be toe-tappin’ in no time!

The transitions in this power hour include clips from cowboy movies, standup from the likes of Larry the Cable guy, famous quotes from various country heroes, etc.

Note: The music and the visuals in this power hour are a little out of sync.

Compiled by: kkrisik
Original Source: Veoh
Date: 2008

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