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Basement Viewer Films launches with 8 original power hours

Posted on 22 February 2012 by Pete Berg

The guys at BKK Productions have launched a new Power Hour viewer website dubbed Basement Viewer Films. It launched with eight of their own power hours, and is a really simple, straightforward way to get hammered.

The power hours on the initial version of Basement Viewer include:

  • Comedy Movies
  • Epic Speeches / Monologues (my favorite since I haven’t seen one of these before)
  • Rap
  • Rap Origins (Dedicated to rappers’ home towns)
  • Metal
  • Ska
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • ’90s Rock

Check it out here…and enjoy!

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Posted on 03 February 2009 by Pete Berg

Welcome to Power Hour HQ!

This is a brand new website, dedicated to helping you drink. A lot.

More specifically, this is a directory of the world’s video power hours — hour long video medleys that you drink to, consisting of 60 one-minute clips each. (If you don’t know what a power hour is, I suggest you check out our FAQ and find out!)

My friends and I have been making and doing video power hours for years, all through college, and all through our “adulthood.” This website was created to share our power hours with the world…. Along with the dozens of other power hours that are available on the web.

We will be posting new power hours as we find them, and we’ll also be posting instructions for other drinking games on a weekly basis, so make sure you bookmark us and subscribe to our RSS feed!

Power Hour HQ was founded by Pete Berg

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